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Our vision at Empyrion Publishing is to come alongside authors like you, who have a good story to tell or a unique message you want to share with the world, and provide you with a simple, easy to understand plan to walk you through the self-publishing process. We can create a polished, professional, book-store quality book for you at a cost effective price. So, if you have a manuscript, let's get started today.


Our basic service is our publishing package. In order to get your book published, you will need to purchase this package. The service includes:

AN ISBN NUMBER - this is a purchased, unique, identification number that allows any bookseller worldwide to pull up your book at any time.

COPYRIGHT PAGE - this is where your copyright appears, proving ownership of the material in the book by the author.

FORMATTING - you give us your manuscript in a Word document and we put it into a book form, including proper spacing, page numbers, page headings, chapter headings, title pages, table of contents, etc.

PROOF COPY - we mail you a hard copy of your book so that you can see it firsthand and approve the work we have done before we go "live" with publishing. You have the final say on the look of your book.

DISTRIBUTION - this simply means that once your book is published, it is made available to every online bookseller worldwide.


We highly recommend having your book edited, if not by us, by someone other than yourself. The reason for this is because you are too familiar with your own content to objectively catch every grammatical and/or structural error. After working on a manuscript for a period of time, you often don't "see" these mistakes because you are so familiar with your own intent. This is where an editor comes in. He/she is able to read your work with fresh and objective eyes.

We have two editing packages you can choose from:

BASIC EDITING - this is often referred to as a "copy edit". The editor will go through your manuscript with a fine tooth comb to correct any typos or grammatical errors such as spelling, punctuation, word usage, basic sentence structuring, inconsistency with tenses and quotations, etc.

COMPREHENSIVE EDITING - this is sometimes known as developmental or story editing and includes the basic edit, but adds restructuring editing by rewriting portions oof your manuscript to help with flow and clarity of your ideas. We work closely with you to ensure your overall manuscript is enhanced without losing your original intent.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a good edit. Errors found by readers can take away from your credibility, and give your book an amateurish feel rather than a professional one, and ultimately diminish your sales.


Our graphic design department is ready to provide you with the perfect cover for your book. Your cover design includes the front and back cover of your book. You have several options:

  1. You can give us your vision and/or ideas for your cover design and we will try to match that as closely as possible. You will receive a preview of your font cover design through email so that you can either approve it or offer feedback for changes you may like to see.
  2. You can have us create several unique designs for your front cover. We will email you two or three options for you to choose from. You can always give us feedback and we will work together until you are satisfied with your cover. You always have the final approval of your cover.
  3. If you choose not to purchase a cover design package, you can submit your own cover (including front and back) in a jpeg format. Depending on the physical size of your book, we can send you the exact specifications we will need from you.

*We do not publish hard cover books. You can choose between a shiny or matte finish for your soft cover. You can provide the content for the back cover of the book, or we can write it for you, including a brief summary of the contents of your book and/or an author's bio.


A royalty is a payment to the author by the bookseller for each book you sell. For example, let's say the industry-recommended price for your book is $10 and Amazon is selling your book at that price. Amazon is going to pay a portion of each sale as a royalty to the publisher for the sale of each book. Often the publisher will keep a part of that royalty to cover administrative costs and earn profits. In our case, Empyrion Publishing does not keep any portion of your royalty, but mails a check each month reflecting sales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other online booksellers.

Each bookseller has their own formula of how much of the sale prices goes towards the royalty. For example, at a $10 sale, Amazon may keep $6 to cover their cost of printing your book, placing a picture and description of your book on their website, offering a place for readers to leave reviews, etc. The formula is determined by the final number of pages your book contains and is different for each bookseller.

Empyrion Publishing pays their authors' royalties monthly, usually within 60-75 days after the sale. In other words, if a book sold in January, the publishing company would not receive the royalties until the end of March. We, then, pay out the combined royalties from all the booksellers to the author within two weeks. We typically wait until an author has accrued at least $20 in royalties before paying them out. Additionally, we close out any royalties due for previous year by April of the following year.


The purchase price of your book is determined by industry research designed to help retailers sell the highest number of books. You are free to set your own selling price for your book, but we would recommend going with the industry suggested price, simply because it is in everyone's best interest to have your book at the price point where all involved can make the highest profit.


Empyrion Publishing offers a significant discount to the author when purchasing their book. You simply place your order through us and we will send you an online invoice including tax and shipping. Once that invoice is paid, we will have the books printed and shipped to the address you provide to us.

As an author, you are free to sell those books at whatever price you determine. You can give them away or sell them at or below the retail price, or even at a higher price. For example, if the author's discount is $3 per book and they are selling online at $10, you could charge $9 per book, giving your buyer a discounted price, while keeping the $6 profit to help reimburse your initial publishing investment or to begin saving for publishing your next book.

There is no minimum or maximum quantity you must purchase to receive your discount.


Empyrion Publishing does NOT offer marketing or promotional services. We distribute your book to all online booksellers and most will post a picture and description on their website, but as far as getting the word out there that your book is finally available, we leave that in the hands of the author.

There are several avenues you can pursue to market your book:

  1. You can hire a marketing or promotional firm that specializes in determining your target audience and getting the word out to them about your book.
  2. You can create a website specifically for your book where you include information about your book, yourself, and even offer the book for sale.
  3. You can create a social media page for your book or just talk about it on your feed. Social media is a viable and effective tool for promoting your book and provides a forum for significant word of mouth recommendations.
  4. Ask you friends and colleagues to purchase your book online and write a review to increase the views of your book online. Typically, Amazon will only allow confirmed purchasers to submit a review of the book.
  5. You can host (or ask a friend or local bookstore to host) a book signing party for you. Have light refreshments and make it a celebration of a job well done. You can introduce yourself, your book, do a small reading and then sign your book for guests.
  6. You can reach out to special interest groups who might benefit from your book. Would there be a particular type of person who would be impacted by your inspirational story? Or a nature club that might be interested in your book about nature? A church group that would be encouraged by your message? If you can determine specific "audiences" you could write to them and offer discounted rates or secure speaking engagements, selling your book afterwards.
  7. You could create a promotional video about your book subject.
  8. Put a little advertisement of your book at the bottom of your emails that you send out to friends and associates to let them know your book is available for sale. You can include a link to purchase your book on Amazon or on your own website.
  9. You can have bookmarks made or flyers and hand them out at your local mall or bookstore or church.
  10. You can call local radio stations to see if they might like to interview you on the subject of your book. Or you can have a friend conduct the interview on social media or on their podcast.

A frequent question we are asked is "How do I get my book on bookstore shelves?"

Empyrion Publishing distributes your book to all ONLINE booksellers, but that does not mean that bookstores will necessarily carry hard copies of your book in their store. In most cases, a bookstore is looking to stock books that are ensured to sell in volume, either because the author is well-known or the subject is in high demand. If the book is requested at the bookstore multiple times, the bookseller may determine that this is a book that will sell and will purchase a copy to place on their shelves. Also, many times a local bookstore owner would like to support local authors and will carry the book for that reason. The author can always visit a bookstore, request to speak to the manager or owner and ask if such a set-up would be feasible. It is entirely at the bookseller's discretion to do this.